Wrap Up and Release of Workflows, Templates, Teaching Materials, Research Outcomes, Priorities for Action, and More!

Now that the Fostering Communities of Practice (FCoP) project has officially wrapped, we are proud to present the rich suite of resources and documentation produced by the FCoP cohort and project team over the past two years.

Our new FCoP project site tells the story of the project, from insights and process documents created by the cohort to a research paper by project research fellow Dr Amelia Acker based on her observations of three FCoP cohort sites.

We invite you to dig into the rich varied materials created by the cohort and project team. Some particular sections we’d like to draw your attention to:

  • Cohort project materials: from software emulation procedure checklists to oral history-driven “software stories” to recommendations for expanding software preservation communities of practice to software use language in deeds of gift.
  • Research reports: Dr Acker’s emulation white paper — intended for information professionals, institutional administrators, and funders — and an empirical study of preservationists implementing emulation programs, are available along with the research instruments for data collection related to the project.
  • Templates: the cohort, and the FCoP project team, created a broad array of templates that preservation practitioners and archivists can use, share, and adapt for use in their own institutions.
  • Teaching resources: this suite of preservation and emulation learning modules for library and archives educators was created by Dr Acker for use in educational settings. The resources include an introduction to emulation, a glossary of terms, and two case studies that include key questions for classroom conversation.

And that’s just a sampling — there are many more stories, insights, and documents now available on the SPN website, enough for both the beginning software preservation practitioner and the experienced software preservation expert.

From all of us, thank you for following along with the FCoP project — it’s been a rich and rewarding ride! We hope you find these documentation and insights useful, and we invite your feedback and ongoing engagement.

Recognizing the individuals, teams, and organizations that made FCoP possible

University of Arizona

Project Lead: Monique Lassere

Project Team: Fernando Rios, Ken McAllister, Judd Ruggill

Living Computers: Museums + Labs

Project Lead: Cynde Moya

Project Team: Dorian Bowen, Stephen Jones, Josh Dersch

Georgia Tech

Project Lead: Wendy Hagenmaier

Project Team: Amanda Pellerin, Jody Thompson, usan Wells Parham, Bing Wang

Guggenheim Museum

Project Lead: Jonathan Farbowitz

Project Team: Joanna Phillips, Lena Stringari

University of Virginia

Project Lead: Lauren Work

Project Team: Jeremy Bartczak

University of Illinois

Project Lead: Tracy Popp

Project Team: Karl Germeck, Kyle Rimkus, Seth Robbins

Institute for Museum and Library Services

Program Officer: Ashley Sands

CalPoly State University

Principal Investigator: Zach Vowell

Educopia Institute

Co-Principal Investigator and Project Director: Jessica Meyerson

FCoP Cohort Faciliator: Matt Schultz

University of Texas

FCoP Project Researcher: Amelia Acker


FCoP Communications Consultant: Kelly Pendergrast


Preferred citation:

Pendergrast, Kelly. Vowell, Zach. (2020, August 4). FCoP Update June - July 2020. Software Preservation Network. https://www.softwarepreservationnetwork.org/fcop-update-june-july-2020/