Since 2015, the Software Preservation Network has worked to create a space where organizations from industry, academia, government, cultural heritage, and the public sphere can contribute their myriad skills and capabilities toward collaborative solutions that will ensure persistent access to software and software-dependent objects.


An organization can join SPN as a Sustaining Member at $5,000/year.


Our membership is comprised of over twenty institutions that span size, sector, and discipline. Members enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

Ownership and Control over SPN Strategic Directions

  • Ability to self-nominate or be elected to governance committees such as Coordinating Committee, Policies & Procedures Committee, etc.
  • Ongoing recognition as a “Sustaining Member” in all future SPN work as long as membership is maintained

Driving the Software Preservation and Emulation Law & Policy Agenda

SPN will keep abreast of the landscape in legal policy, decisions, and actions around software access and preservation especially in relation to and working with other library and archives legal advocacy groups.

  • Agreements/licenses/models to support software licensing and legitimate re-use

Event Planning and Facilitation

SPN will plan and produce events to educate SPN members, stakeholders, and others on topics relevant to software preservation and inform the community of activities/outcomes of various projects managed by or affiliated with SPN (e.g., affiliated grant projects, working group publications, research projects, etc.)

  • Meetings, workshops, seminars, webinars, online forums, etc.

Tool Management and Development

SPN will manage instances and provide access to tools for software preservation and emulation, such as EaaSI, software repository mirrors, and others TBD. Depending on the needs of the membership and the landscape of available tools, SPN may explore support for internal development or funding of new software to address common needs in software preservation.

  • Exclusive Emulation-as-a-Service-Infrastructure (EaaSI) Hosted Service pilot for 2021
  • Ability to guide development of community-driven software preservation and emulation tools
  • Investigation into consortial rates on hosted tool subscriptions: Code Ocean, Lab Archives, EaaSI when ready, Archive-It, LYRASIS, Preservica, others)
  • Development support for emulators and  technical infrastructure that supports software sharing and reuse

Research & Innovation Framework (including Affiliated Project Grant Pipeline)

SPN will nurture affiliated projects that advance the mission, vision, strategic goals, and research agenda of the Network through financial or in-kind support, shared measurement, and producing outcomes that inform priorities for action.

  • A research and innovation framework that 
    • Places current research and development activities across working groups, committees, and projects with the SPN research continuum
    • Provides an incubation pipeline to move community research ideas from ideation to implementation
    • Explicitly articulates the alignment between SPN’s research directions and affiliated project goals/outputs
    • Outlines a grant pipeline that enables community project ideas to be part of a broader grant development framework where we match funders to areas of interest, and identify member organizations interested in taking lead on new projects
  • Organization and coordination of research sprints on key topics of interest to the community that could lead to multi-institutional grant proposals
  • Research-in-practice fellowships to encourage experiments and inform future work

Professional Development

SPN will offer events, funding opportunities, and other professional development services to advance the capabilities and expertise of the SPN membership and broader community of professionals engaged with software preservation.

  • Access to an international network of institutions engaging in software preservation activities
  • Minimal requirements for machine actionable software metadata

Design, Publication, and Marketing

SPN will create, maintain, and publish documentation that provides value to membership and stakeholders. This documentation will take the form of publications (such as articles, reports, data sets, and presentations that conform to the SPN Resource Publication Policy), as well as documentation that facilitates SPN’s operations (such as directories, workflows, governance manuals, etc.).

  • The SPN library of resources reflects the underlying logic of our organizational model: the network amplifies the efforts of any single member or affiliated project. 
  • In light of the pandemic, with so many additional library staff working from home, many of our members and project partners have requested SPN resources so they can use this pandemic period as a time to distribute digital curation know-how across the library. SPN has so many resources (across formats and modes) at this point that we were able to develop software preservation curriculum and topical guides (release forthcoming) which are intended to lower the barrier to entry for digital curators and colleagues in adjacent departments alike.
  • Outside of software preservation-specific resources, several members and project partners have requested general resources on remote project management, meeting facilitation, and planning documentation. As a remote-first community with a small but experienced facilitation staff, we are also able to provide these types of resources. 

Community Development and Outreach

SPN will conduct targeted outreach and marketing to diverse communities of stakeholders involved in software preservation, interested in the topic, or in a discipline related to the activities and goals of the organization in order to expand the reach and membership of the organization.

Organizational Operations and Management

SPN staff will oversee day-to-day operations of the organization (e.g., accounting, management, communications) and planning and implementation of various organizational policies, business planning, and fundraising.

  • Metrics to enable ongoing tracking and reporting on progress across project-based and programmatic software preservation efforts
  • A searchable directory database describing the operations of each member
  • Investigation into consortial rates to other member organizations: Code Ocean, Lab Archives, EaaSI when ready, Archive-It, LYRASIS, Preservica, others?)
  • Website hosting and management

Member Engagement

SPN will continue to engage current membership through periodic meetings and membership events and continued facilitation of working group activities.

  • Networking opportunities, including in-person and virtual meetings, to share practices and make current work more visible and accessible

For more information on why your organization should consider joining SPN, see our Membership Proposal.


Since our founding, SPN has successfully cultivated a healthy community of practice where the focus is on building field-level capacity: members design and complete research into evolving practice, affiliated projects and working groups identify common needs that allow SPN member organizations to make strategic digital curation decisions, and the nimble SPN staff provides training and coordination necessary to distribute software preservation skills across a broader set of individuals.

As a sponsor of Software Preservation Network, you will help ensure that SPN continues to advance field level capacity for software preservation through community engagement, infrastructure support, and knowledge generation.


All sponsors will benefit from a variety organizational resources and services, including:

  • Acknowledgement as a sponsor on the SPN website
  • Mention in all SPN literature as a sponsor
  • Opportunity to send promotional message(s) to the SPN member listserv (see “Sponsorship Tiers” for more information on listserv communications)

Sponsorship Tiers:

Sponsors may join the SPN organization as either Maintenance Sponsors ($10,000 or above/year) or Implementation Sponsors ($4,000 or above/year).

  • Implementation Sponsors ($4,000 or above/year) will receive all sponsor benefits plus the ability to send one promotional message to the SPN member listserv per year (via the community facilitator).
  • Maintenance Sponsors ($10,000 or above/year) will receive all sponsor benefits plus the ability to send two promotional messages to SPN member listserv per year (via the community facilitator) AND the opportunity to present a vendor webinar for members.

Proud Members of SPN

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Download, complete, and return the SPN Membership Agreement to Jess Farrell <>.

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