Since 2015, the Software Preservation Network has worked to create a space where organizations from industry, academia, government, cultural heritage, and the public sphere can contribute their myriad skills and capabilities toward collaborative solutions that will ensure persistent access to all software and all software-dependent objects.


Our membership is comprised of twenty institutions that span size, sector, and discipline. Members enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

  • In-person and virtual access to an international community of practice committed to software preservation and curation
  • Opportunities to join one of our five topical Working Groups and participate in software preservation initiatives with local and field-wide impact
  • Ability to ask questions, attend trainings, and share knowledge with other professionals engaged in this area of work
  • Legal strategies, documentation, and training for members; advocating on behalf of our members in a variety of legal and political forums to help ensure the lawful preservation, sharing, and reuse of software

For a full list of benefits, see page 6 of our Software Preservation Network Prospectus.


An institution can join SPN as either as a Supporting Member ($2,000/year) or as a Sustaining Member ($5,000/year).

  • Supporting Members ($2,000/year) will receive all member benefits plus the appointment of one staff member to the Advisory Committee, which provides feedback and advice to the Steering Committee but does not have voting rights.
  • Sustaining Members ($5,000/year) will receive all member benefits plus the appointment of one staff member to the Steering Committee, which has voting rights and responsibilities.


A dedicated and growing software preservation community of practice has formed around SPN since our founding. As a direct result of that momentum, the SPN community entered a two-year start-up period in January 2019 to scale up SPN’s services and operations and to instantiate the Software Preservation Network as a sustainable community-led organization.

By sponsoring the organization in this pivotal moment, you will help ensure that SPN persists beyond the two-year start-up period and continues to harness the power of collective action as we endeavor to save software together.


All sponsors will benefit from a variety organizational resources and services, including:

  • Acknowledgement as a sponsor on the SPN website
  • Mention in all SPN literature as a sponsor
  • Opportunity to send promotional message(s) to the SPN member listserv (see “Sponsorship Tiers” for more information on listserv communications)

Sponsorship Tiers:

Sponsors may join the SPN organization as either Maintenance Sponsors ($10,000 or above/year) or Implementation Sponsors ($4,000 or above/year).

  • Implementation Sponsors ($4,000 or above/year) will receive all sponsor benefits plus the ability to send one promotional message to the SPN member listserv per year (via the community facilitator).
  • Maintenance Sponsors ($10,000 or above/year) will receive all sponsor benefits plus the ability to send two promotional messages to SPN member listserv per year (via the community facilitator) AND the opportunity to present a vendor webinar for members.

Proud Members of SPN

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How to Apply

Download, complete, and return the SPN Participation Agreement to Jess Farrell <>.

Participation Agreement

You can learn more about SPN’s mission, accomplishments, and plans for the future in our Software Preservation Network Prospectus. If you have any questions about membership or sponsorship, please contact us.