Membership and Sponsorship

Since 2015, the Software Preservation Network (SPN) has worked to create a space where organizations from industry, academia, government, cultural heritage, and the public sphere can contribute their myriad skills and capabilities toward collaborative solutions that will ensure persistent access to software and software-dependent objects.

For Organizations:

An organization can join SPN as a Sustaining Member or a Sponsor. Sustaining membership is $5,000 a year. Sponsors may join SPN as either Maintenance Sponsors ($10,000 or above/year) or Implementation Sponsors ($4,000 or above/year).

Sustaining Members

Sustaining Members are acknowledged as such on the SPN website, enjoy the ability to self-nominate or be elected to the Coordinating Committee, and receive one vote in SPN elections. They also have access to certain member-only benefits, such as Law & Policy chats. Member-only benefits are based on annual evaluation of community needs, and specific benefit offerings may change as the community’s needs change.


Sponsors are acknowledged as such on the SPN website, mentioned in SPN literature, and have the opportunity to send promotional message(s) to the SPN member listserv, depending on their tier. Implementation Sponsors will be able to send one promotional message, and Maintenance Sponsors can send two promotional messages and have the opportunity to present a vendor webinar for the SPN community. Sponsors are also invited to learn alongside SPN members in SPN calls, working groups (at the working group’s discretion), or in conversations on the member listserv.

For Individuals:

Individuals are welcome to participate in the activities of SPN, including serving on working groups and attending events and meetings. Any individual who abides by the SPN Code of Conduct can participate in SPN working groups, community calls, or activities (excluding those available only to dues-paying organizations). There are also seats available for individual members on the Coordinating Committee. There is no cost to individuals to participate in these SPN activities, and they do not need to sign a membership agreement, but active participation is a requirement.

How to Apply

Download, complete, and return the SPN Membership Agreement to

If you have any questions about membership or sponsorship, please contact us.

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