Matt Schultz


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Amelia Acker

As FCoP Project Researcher, Dr. Acker was selected to participate in the project by researching three of the six cohort teams in action, implementing emulation in their software preservation programs. Dr. Acker is an Assistant Professor in the School of …Continue Amelia Acker

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Jessica Meyerson

As SPN Community Cultivation Advisor, Jessica Meyerson manages staff – ensuring that our work adheres to core principles of transparency, responsiveness, and engagement; oversees shared measurement across SPN Affiliated Projects, Working Groups and other initiatives to enable data-driven decision making …Continue Jessica Meyerson

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Brandon Butler

As SPN Law & Policy Advisor, Brandon Butler oversees SPN’s policy agenda and legal strategy for securing lawful preservation, sharing and reuse of software. Components of this work may include developing SPN policy briefs; representing SPN in future DMCA exemption …Continue Brandon Butler

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Jess Farrell

As SPN Community Coordinator, Jess Farrell coordinates the implementation of member initiatives by supporting groups in developing and achieving project schedules and deadlines; gathering evaluative data from members to identify areas of operational improvement (and executing those improvements); fostering strong …Continue Jess Farrell

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