Amelia Acker

FCoP Project Researcher, University of Texas at Austin

As FCoP Project Researcher, Dr. Acker was selected to participate in the project by researching three of the six cohort teams in action, implementing emulation in their software preservation programs. Dr. Acker is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research is concerned with the emergence, standardization, and preservation of new information objects in mobile and social media platforms. Currently, she is researching data literacy, social media metadata, data archives and information infrastructures that support long-term cultural memory with digital preservation. She teaches courses that cover topics in information science, including archives, science & technology studies, mobile ICTs, standards and infrastructure.


We know that cultural heritage organizations are currently engaged in a variety of new and emerging software preservation services—from metadata workflows to emulation as a service. But what we don’t know is how the unique environs of a cultural heritage organization and the people that make up these teams impact the theories, workflows, and applications of software preservation and emulation in different ways.