Kat Thornton

Katherine Thornton is an information scientist working on creating metadata as linked open data. Kat works on the Scaling Emulation as a Service Infrastructure (EaaSI) project describing the software and configured environments in Wikidata. Kat has been a volunteer contributor …Continue Kat Thornton


Klaus Rechert

Klaus is a Computer Science researcher with a focus on functional preservation, emulation as a preservation strategy and digital forensics. Over the last 6 years, Klaus has assisted in the implementation of emulation solutions in a range of organizational types …Continue Klaus Rechert


Ethan Gates

Ethan Gates was a double English and Russian major at Amherst College and is a graduate of NYU’s MA program in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation. For several years he worked as NYU-MIAP’s staff Technician, coordinating equipment maintenance, use, and …Continue Ethan Gates


Euan Cochrane

Euan manages the Digital Preservation Services team at Yale University Library – responsible for the Library’s digital repository and providing related preservation services to the university. Euan is excited to see many years of emulation and software preservation work come …Continue Euan Cochrane


Seth Anderson

Seth began his relationship with digital preservation while studying Moving Image Archiving and Preservation at NYU. Prior to joining the team at YUL, Seth worked as a consultant with AVPreserve, on digital preservation projects for the Smithsonian Institution, United States …Continue Seth Anderson


Zach Vowell

Principal Investigator, Cal Poly State University Zach Vowell is the Digital Archivist in the Kennedy Library Special Collections and Archives, where he manages and develops digitization projects, acquires and processes born-digital archives. He coordinates the long-term preservation of the department’s …Continue Zach Vowell


Katherine Skinner

As SPN Community Cultivation Advisor, Dr. Katherine Skinner assists SPN leadership and members in understanding, evaluating, and planning this community’s growth, change, and maturation; encourages market development and strategic partnerships across public, academic, and commercial sectors; provides scaffolding to help …Continue Katherine Skinner

Bios, Staff

Jessica Meyerson

As SPN Community Cultivation Advisor, Jessica Meyerson manages staff – ensuring that our work adheres to core principles of transparency, responsiveness, and engagement; oversees shared measurement across SPN Affiliated Projects, Working Groups and other initiatives to enable data-driven decision making …Continue Jessica Meyerson

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Caitlin Perry

As SPN’s Communications and Administrative Coordinator, Caitlin Perry oversees general accounting, accounts receivable, and payroll; acts as liaison to all SPN members regarding invoicing; provides bi-annual updates regarding SPN budget revenue and expenditures; provides event planning support; and supports the …Continue Caitlin Perry

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Hannah Ballard

As SPN’s Director of Communications Manager, Hannah Ballard helps to develop and oversee SPN’s communication strategy, including SPN’s web, print, and social media presence. Components of this work include developing cross-platform messaging campaigns; advising on the use and continued development …Continue Hannah Ballard

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Brandon Butler

As SPN Law & Policy Advisor, Brandon Butler oversees SPN’s policy agenda and legal strategy for securing lawful preservation, sharing and reuse of software. Components of this work may include developing SPN policy briefs; representing SPN in future DMCA exemption …Continue Brandon Butler

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Jess Farrell

As SPN Community Coordinator, Jess Farrell coordinates the implementation of member initiatives by supporting groups in developing and achieving project schedules and deadlines; gathering evaluative data from members to identify areas of operational improvement (and executing those improvements); fostering strong …Continue Jess Farrell

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