This matrix corresponds to the ARL Code of Best Practices for Software Preservation and the Software Stories that were developed as part of retroTECH Online. The “Situations” listed in the matrix correspond to the five situations or scenarios in the Code including:

  • Situation 1: Accessioning, stabilizing, evaluating, and describing digital objects
  • Situation 2: Documenting software in operation, and making that software available
  • Situation 3: Providing access to software for use in research, teaching, and learning
  • Situation 4: Providing broader networked access to software maintained and shared across multiple collections and institutions
  • Situation 5: Preserving files expressed in source code and other human-readable formats

Preferred citation:

Hagenmaier, Wendy. (2020, June 26). Georgia Tech: Review of the ARL Code of Best Practices. Software Preservation Network.