In support of the Software Preservation Network’s (SPN) mission to define a strategy for software preservation and ensure long-term access to digital cultural heritage, the Research Working Group spearheads collaborative efforts to collect, aggregate, analyze, and distribute data about software preservation. Examples of data types that the Research Working Group aims to create, gather, and analyze include inventories, use cases, bibliographies, and visualizations of workflows and ecosystems. The Research Working Group’s core area of focus relates to the documentation of the landscape of software preservation. Research Working Group members also play a crucial advisory role in research activities initiated by other SPN Working Groups. The Research Working Group comprises both academic researchers and researcher-practitioners.

Wendy Hagenmaier,  Georgia Institute of Technology

Kate Thornton, Yale University
Jessica Meyerson, University of Texas, Austin
Alex Chassanoff, MIT Libraries
John Borghi, California Digital Library
Cynde Moya, Living Computers: Museum + Lab
Christa Williford, Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)