EaaSI Software Collections Inventory is what is sometimes referred to as a Random (or spot) inventory. Random (or spot) inventories are extremely limited in scope. They are primarily used to verify the location of a representative sampling of objects. They are often completed on a regular basis after a full inventory has been completed to ensure that a more thorough inventory does not need to be completed – however, EaaSI Node Hosts were asked to perform a software & collections inventory as a means of understanding which additional organizational roles are crucial for understanding the software landscape and to identify gaps in collection development and descriptive practice that need to be addressed as part of their participation in EaaSI.

Preferred citation:

Meyerson , Jessica. (2020, May 11). Software Collections Inventory (EaaSI Template). Software Preservation Network. https://www.softwarepreservationnetwork.org/software-collections-inventory-3/