Greetings, SPN Community!

The Software Preservation Network Coordinating Committee is excited to share an update about our current goals and a recap of our 2022 work.

The SPN Coordinating Committee meets monthly to:

    • review and approve annual organizational goals and strategies,
    • provide high-level guidance to the staff on day-to-day operations,
    • review and approve budgets developed and proposed by staff, and
    • review and set steps to ensure continuity of SPN activity.

We welcome your feedback, input, and ideas at any time.

Goals for This Coordinating Committee Year (through February 2024)

The Coordinating Committee plans to work on the following goals between now and the end of the current term in February 2024:

  • Create multi-year financial plan
  • Review, revise, and articulate membership benefits
  • Articulate near-term strategic goals, comprising in-progress and high-priority backlog strategic actions
  • Revise SPN Publication Policy
  • Clarify relationships between SPN and software-as-a-service providers
  • Create a method for SPN Coordinating Committee to provide strategic guidance to working groups

We’ll share additional details about these goals and our progress during upcoming SPN Community Calls.

Recap of 2022 Activities

During 2022, the Coordinating Committee worked collaboratively and in subcommittees on the following activities:

1) Adopted, stewarded, and assessed the budget for January 2022 – December 2022

  • Adopted FY23 budget and new budget documentation and procedures
  • Initiated conversations about operational reserve planning

2) Revised membership proposal, pricing, and agreement document

  • Created simplified membership agreement form and added it to the SPN website (shortened the form without making changes to the substance of the membership agreement)

3) Consolidated several existing strategic plans into a SPN Strategic Actions Planner spreadsheet

  • Reviewed and revised the spreadsheet in collaboration with Working Group Coordinators and membership
  • Invited the SPN community to weigh in on potential prioritization of future strategic actions via a survey

4) Defined a process for endorsements by SPN

  • Documented a process that the Law and Policy Advisor and Working Group and Coordinating Committee can use to suggest, evaluate, manage, and communicate SPN endorsements of law and policy-related issues or topics

5) Onboarded new members

  • Created reusable onboarding documentation

6) Created a Coordinating Committee Handbook

  • Centralized previously distributed administrative documentation about the Coordinating Committee’s procedures, to support knowledge management and sustainability

7) Piloted officer roles

  • Tested out the roles of Administrative Coordinator, Strategic Coordinator, Secretary, and Treasurer, who comprise an Executive Committee that meets monthly (in addition to monthly meetings of the entire Coordinating Committee)

Please feel welcome to reach out any time with feedback or ideas: spn-coordinating-committee [at] educopia [dot] org.

Coordinating Committee Members
Claire Fox (Treasurer)
Cynde Moya
Daniel Johnson (Administrative Coordinator)
Diane Dietrich
Larry Masinter
Wendy Hagenmaier (Strategic Coordinator)

Preferred citation:

Software Preservation Network. (2023, July 19). SPN Coordinating Committee Goals through February 2024 and Recap of 2022 Activities. Software Preservation Network.