The purpose of the “Exploring our Emulation Environment” exercise is to unpack and reflect on the range of curatorial decisionmaking required to configure an emulation environment. Participants are asked to consider metadata and technical challenges, as well as, use cases for practical service scenarios.


  • Demystify emulation environments
  • Raise awareness of defaults versus intentional changes to system and software settings
  • Begin to think about environment configuration workflows in terms of your specific designated user community needs
  • Present metadata and long-term reuse challenges to preserving software/emulated environments


  • A pre-configured emulation environment should be accessible via a web browser for each group that is going to be participating in the exercise.
  • Feel free to use the EaaSI Sandbox, which has numerous pre-configured emulation environments already available with no login necessary.  
  • Preferably, each group has a different environment – perhaps the different environments correspond to specific use cases such social science data, design files, etc. However, if you only have one configured environment that you can provide access to, you can still accomplish all the objectives of the exercise. 

Instructions are provided in the template itself. Please see below to view and download the template in multiple formats.

Exploring our Emulation Environment:

Preferred citation:

Gates, Ethan. (2020, February 25). Exploring our Emulation Environment. Software Preservation Network.