The Software Preservation Network (SPN) coordinates software preservation efforts to ensure the long term access to software. We connect and engage the legal, public policy, social science, natural science, information & communication technology and cultural heritage preservation communities that create and and use software. Our work currently involves: legal licensing and information policy research; an international registry of software collections; and software development contributions to technical infrastructures that facilitate long-term access to software.


Preserving software through community engagement, infrastructure support, and knowledge generation.


Saving software together.


We connect and engage the diverse communities of information & communication technology, cultural heritage preservation, law, public policy, social science, natural science, arts, and humanities – that create, use and curate software.

We encourage the software development and research communities to build tools, develop methodologies, create robust documentation, and adhere to practices for software that can more easily facilitate long-term access.

We enable long-term access to software and software-dependent cultural heritage through standards development, documentation, software development, and training.

We are dedicated to earning the trust of our broad community through open documentation, processes and standards.

We raise awareness for the essential role of software preservation in effective digital stewardship through the combined efforts of collecting organizations, academic researchers, legal experts, software developers and vendors, archivists, media archaeologists and information technology professionals.