This LGIRA workflow document includes detailed descriptions of the following stages:

  • Appraisal: Determining the value of materials; can occur prior to or after acquisition
  • Acquisition: Acquiring materials, physical transfer of materials from creator/owner to archive
  • Accessioning: Process of creating a permanent record of materials from one source at one time for which the archive has custody, right, or title; includes assigning a unique control number to said object, assembly, or lot.
  • Processing: Surveying, arranging, describing materials; performing basic preservation actions
  • Preservation (Digital)
    • Safeguarding the materials from damage to extend the life of their life
    • Creating a digital copy or surrogate from materials that can be used without original media/hardware
  • Access: Providing access to materials and/or digital object

Preferred citation:

Rios, Fernando. Lassere, Monique. (2020, June 26). University of Arizona Workflow Documentation. Software Preservation Network.