• The growth of research software engineering
  • Preservation Quality Tool
  • IDCC Workshop: From Data Curation to Software Curation: Enhancing Reproducibility and Sustainability of Data and Software
  • Empirical research into
    • How are software preservation practices applied in different contexts
    • How are these workflows developed and deployed
    • How are initial representative systems selected, appraised
    • How do these unique environments impact the selection, standards and workflows for software preservation
  • Emulation in the Archives Workshop
  • Project update from Scaling Software as a Service Infrastructure (EaaSI)
  • Webinar series: Code of Best Practices and Legal Tools
  • Software Preservation Network launch of two-year seed funded period

Review notes for the Spring 2019 QCF


Jessica Meyerson (Educopia Institute)


Preferred citation:

Meyerson, Jessica. (2019, March 12). Spring 2019 Quarterly Community Forum. Software Preservation Network. https://www.softwarepreservationnetwork.org/spring-2019-quarterly-community-forum/