This episode reviews existing software collections and the users of those collections. In order to better capture current efforts in collecting software, Research & Facilitation Lead, Anne-Marie Trepanier, provides different collection profiles and the set of features that characterize each of them. Through round-table discussion, guests explore how collection development policies and strategies for existing collections impact community goals of sharing and reuse.

Discussion Questions:
  • How did you get your hands on the material? Map out your acquisition process and your relationships with donors, loaners, sellers and manufacturers.
  • Why are you collecting software and what are you collecting? Pinpoint your collection’s distinctive features and its (potential) users.
  • What does collecting software entails? Describe what types of physical and digital components are found in your software collection.
  • Are all software collecting entities ensuring preservation? Define and compare procedures and standards in collecting and preserving software.


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Preferred citation:

Software Preservation Network. Digital Preservation Coalition. (2018, May 2). Episode 2: Software Collection Development. Software Preservation Network.