This webinar, the last in the EaaSI Webinar Series, is entitled “Emulators and Configuration Workflows” and addresses questions such as:

  • What is your previous experience in using emulation software?
  • Were there any emulation programs already incorporated into your institutional workflows?
  • Are there other users in your node who have created environments? (besides the representatives or admins?)
  • If so, what was the biggest challenge for them in using the system? What did you have to spend time teaching them? (the interface? Emulation? Computing concepts? What are the core “skills”)
  • How formal are your workflows? Have you created manuals or documentation?
  • Have you thought about QC criteria? Or establishing (technical) guidelines for publishing?

Preferred citation:

Scaling Emulation as a Service Infrastructure (EaaSI), . (2020, March 28). EaaSI Webinar Series 4: Emulators and Configuration Workflows. Software Preservation Network.