Intro to Building an EaaSI Network:

During this module, participants will learn about:

  • What are EaaSI “nodes” and how do they communicate with each other?
  • What is OAI-PMH?
  • What happens when I “publish” an EaaSI resource?

Questions for Discussion/Reflection

  • In this module we have described how EaaSI nodes can communicate and exchange resources. But when and why should they? Can you think of a case or need for an EaaSI network beyond cultural heritage, research data management, or the communities currently represented in SPN?
  • How would you handle removal of resources from a decentralized network that relies on persistent, unique identifiers for exchange? (Take the hypothetical example of a legitimate DMCA takedown request, or a node accidentally publishing an Environment containing PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
  • Creating an EaaSI network also requires defining boundaries – which nodes are in or out of a network, which individual users can access nodes, etc.. What are some security measures – either technical or administrative – you might see as necessary for building an EaaSI network?

About EaaSI

The EaaSI program builds on previous work to apply the Emulation-as-a-Service (EaaS) framework for access and use of preserved software and digital objects. The project is focused on scaling the technological framework necessary for multiple institutions to configure, share, and access software and configured environments. EaaSI is focused on a distributed, community-driven architecture that sits on top of existing digital preservation infrastructure. This directly complements existing efforts by the Software Preservation Network and others to address key aspects of software preservation including legal advocacy, research about local software preservation needs, institutional capacity building for software preservation, collection development, professional development and training, and workflow recommendations.

About the EaaSI Training Module Series

Phase 2 of the EaaSI program of work (July 2020 – June 2022) will include a series of Training Modules, with one new Module to be released approximately every three months (a total of eight by the conclusion of Phase 2). These Training Modules are intended to supplement and expand on concepts alluded to in the EaaSI User Handbook, opening the design and functionality of the platform to wider feedback, comment, and discussion. Though particular features and elements of interface design may change between releases of the EaaSI platform, these Modules should remain consistent in elaborating on our infrastructure.

Each Module contains: a slideshow presenting a core piece of Emulation-as-a-Service functionality and its relationship to EaaSI goals and use cases; a set of questions for practitioners to discuss and/or reflect; and recommended resources from the EaaSI team for further exploration of the topic. Modules are intended to stand on their own but be easily adaptable to an in-person or virtual workshop session.

Preferred citation:

Gates, Ethan. (2022, March 18). EaaSI Training Module #6: Building an EaaSI Network. Software Preservation Network.