About the Guide

This guide covers how to make it easier for others to use your software and how to build on the software that others have written.

Today, science involves software. And although many scientists understand that their work stands on the shoulders of others, they may not know how copyright affects their rights to use others’ software, or how they can publish their software tools so others can use or cite it. The Copyright Guide to Scientific Software, a joint project of the Harvard Cyberlaw Clinic and the Center for Astrophysics, in association with the Software Preservation Network, aims to fill that gap, by providing clear, easy-to-read answers to common questions about how scientific software and copyright interact.

Preferred citation:

Albert, Kendra. Bouquin, Daina. Alena, Farber. Hoover, Russell. Copyright Guide for Scientific Software. Software Preservation Network. https://www.softwarepreservationnetwork.org/copyright-guide-for-scientific-software/