This webinar, entitled “Legal and Institutional Policy Frameworks,” addresses questions such as:

  • When you don’t collect software as an object, why do you do it?
  • What role(s) does/do software play in your organizations and their long-term collection and preservation strategies?
  • In the current version of the OAIS model software is seen as “representation information” but is considered part of the overall package to be preserved. How should digital preservation systems model/include software objects that are shared between potentially billions of AIPs but integral to each one without explicitly including e.g. a copy of the software environment in each AIP?
  • What is the legal framework that allows us to develop institutional-level policy about software preservation and emulation?

Preferred citation:

Scaling Emulation as a Service Infrastructure (EaaSI), . (2019, August 1). August 2019 EaaSI Webinar: Legal and Institutional Policy Frameworks. Software Preservation Network.