In commemoration of World Digital Preservation Day, the Software Preservation Network’s Community Engagement Collaborative is pleased to announce a new event – The Idea Workshop! 

The event will take place on Thursday, November 2 at 15:00 UTC (see your local time here). Register now to attend:

The Idea Workshop is a place for people to pitch their ideas, plans, and projects related to software preservation in order to receive feedback and to find collaborators to help bring those ideas to life! 

Participants are encouraged to share their ideas using this form prior to the event, although pre-registering ideas is not required. After the event, registrants will receive call notes and other ways to connect with each other in case they want to take their ideas and solutions further. You can learn more about the event by reading the Participant’s Guide.

Whether you have the seeds of an idea, you are halfway through an on-going project, or simply want to help others brainstorm, we hope you will join us in what will surely be an exciting event!


  • Type: Webinar
  • Date: 11.02.23


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