Katherine Skinner

Community Cultivation Advisor, Educopia Institute

As SPN Community Cultivation Advisor, Dr. Katherine Skinner assists SPN leadership and members in understanding, evaluating, and planning this community’s growth, change, and maturation; encourages market development and strategic partnerships across public, academic, and commercial sectors; provides scaffolding to help SPN implement a strong administrative and communications infrastructure; and evaluates the ongoing activities, accomplishments, and engagement of the SPN community.

The bits and bytes that store our information are ephemeral in their own right, susceptible to myriad threats and challenges to stability and accessibility. Software is necessary to render these bits and bytes from a string of 0’s and 1’s into human-understandable information. If the software environment in which a file was originally created and used is no longer available, neither is the file itself. Managing those files along with the environments in which they can be rendered and understood is a crucial part of information management.