Jess Farrell

Community Coordinator, Educopia Institute

As SPN Community Coordinator, Jess Farrell coordinates the implementation of member initiatives by supporting groups in developing and achieving project schedules and deadlines; gathering evaluative data from members to identify areas of operational improvement (and executing those improvements); fostering strong relationships between community members; helping to prepare and present outreach communications; and cultivating relationships outside of the member organizations that will contribute to SPN sustainability.

We’re at a point in the profession where collectively there has been a ton of great progress on identifying and deconstructing the significant properties of our most commonly-preserved file formats so that we can build preservation systems and workflows to sustain them. This work will never end, but I’m excited that the profession is at a point where we have the mental capacity and energy to consider the root question of how we preserve environments that facilitate the creation of these files, and considering if providing access long-term depends equally on preserving software.