Across the Software Preservation Network’s activities, there is a common commitment to cultivating a learning community — and a desire to build broad capacity to engage in the decisions that will drive the future of the past. Not only is every affiliated project and strategic partnership we undertake is rooted in the desire to advance our current understanding of the software preservation landscape — SPN’s Training & Education Working Group translates and socializes research findings and community insights into educational content, developing new ways of engaging practitioners with software preservation.

Working Group

The Training & Education Working Group develops resources and hosts outreach activities that raise awareness and broaden participation in software preservation. Training & Education plays an important translation role — sharing the findings and deliverables of SPN working groups and affiliated projects to digital stewards, maintainers, users of software, software creators, researchers, educators, students and broader publics that have a stake in securing long-term access to software-dependent cultural heritage.

Coordinator: Michael Olson, Stanford University
Members: Katy Boss, New York University; Neil Chue Hong, Software Sustainability Institute; Michael Olson, Stanford University; Morgan McKeehan, UNC-Chapel Hill 
Past Members: Krasen Stefanov, Bulgarian Academy of Science; Sherry Lake, University of Virginia; Jessica Meyerson, Educopia Institute; Devon Olson, University of North Dakota; Elizabeth Parke, McGill University; Anne-Marie Trepanier, Canadian Centre for Architecture; Andrea Altenbach, StudioGang

Current goals: 

  • Building from the SPN Resource Publication Policy, develop and pilot a publication workflow for SPN Training & Ed to help publish the educational outputs of other SPN working groups
  • Document the publication process and workflow and push 3 new products to publication.
  • Maintain a landscape analysis of Software Preservation through the maintenance of the Software Preservation Bibliography. Create documentation on how to update and keep it current.

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Software Preservation Bibliography

Software Preservation Bibliography” by Software Preservation Network’s Training & Education Working Group, January 14, 2020.The Software Preservation Bibliography is a living, curated Zotero library of resources, tools, organizations, and research related to software preservation. 

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