Caitlin Perry

Communications and Data Manager, Educopia Institute

As SPN’s Communications and Administrative Coordinator, Caitlin Perry oversees general accounting, accounts receivable, and payroll; acts as liaison to all SPN members regarding invoicing; provides bi-annual updates regarding SPN budget revenue and expenditures; provides event planning support; and supports the rest of the SPN staff and SPN members in maintaining open lines of communication by coordinating schedules across timezones for groups large and small.

I use Quickbooks every day to invoice, track expenses, and do basic reporting. For better or worse, it’s the software that allows my day to run smoothly. The need to maintain financial data may not have the same emotional resonance as preserving cultural objects, but financial records have both legal and historical importance. We’re a long way from paper ledgers and handwritten reports, and preserving the software systems that support existing records is crucial to maintaining access for the future.