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Field Report: Introducing Dr. Amelia Acker

About Dr. Acker Amelia Acker (PhD, University of California, Los Angeles) is an assistant professor in the iSchool at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests focus on the emergence, standardization, and preservation of new forms of data created with mobile information and communication technologies. Currently, she is […]

Field Report #4: GeorgiaTech retroTECH

Post written by: Amelia Acker, FCoP Project Researcher, Assistant Professor in the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin Second Site Visit: GeorgiaTech Hi y’all, In July I visited the Georgia Tech Library’s Retrocomputing Lab also known as retroTECH! Located in the Special Collections and Archives unit, this lab’s […]

FCoP Update Nov 2018 – Jan 2019

FCoP Cohort Activities Emulation Sandbox Testing With the FCoP projects well under way at 6 different locations across the country, many groups are engaging with the complexities of software emulation and the EaaS platform since September 2018. The cohort shares an EaaS issue tracker with predefined issues categories including UI […]

FCoP Update June – July 2019

Post written by: Zach Vowell New Reflections Blog Post Series: From August through May 2020 (the end of the FCoP grant), we’ll feature 1-2 blog posts per month from different cohort members. These posts are reflections on their experience so far and will address questions such as: How has my […]

FCoP Update February – March 2019

Post written by: Zach Vowell FCoP Cohort Activity Cohort Documentation In February, the FCoP cohort participants compiled a list of external resources they have used, consulted, or otherwise employed in their course of their individual FCoP projects. FCoP External Resources reflects the wide range of tasks and responsibilities that are […]

FCoP Update August – September 2019

Post written by: Zach Vowell FCoP Reflections Blog Post Series: In our last STACKTRACE update, we announced the kick-off of the FCoP Reflections Blog Post Series running August through May 2020 (the end of the FCoP grant). We are excited to share our first two posts: Jonathan Farbowitz of Guggenheim […]

FCoP Update April – May 2019

Post written by: Zach Vowell A Project Finding: Most everyone who’s been involved in the Software Preservation Network has long suspected that license key authentication would be a roadblock to preserving software in a usable way. But it takes a project like FCoP to demonstrate that such suspicions are true […]