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Who Preserves EaaSI?: In Pursuit of an EaaSI Preservation Package

Post written by: Claire Fox, EaaSI Summer InternTwitter: @clairefox Greetings from Claire Fox, EaaSI Summer Intern My name is Claire Fox, and I’m a graduate student in the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program at New York University. I’ve been spending my summer at Yale University Libraries Digital Preservation Services, steeping […]

Navigating Legacy Software Collections

Post written by: Ethan Gates, EaaSI Software Preservation Analyst, and the EaaSI Student Configuration Team Eagle-eyed EaaSI-watchers may have noticed the “Student Staff” section on our team page – we’ve been extremely lucky over the course of the program to have employed a number of super talented Yale students, and […]

Making Things EaaSIer: Overview from EaaSI’s PI

Post written by: Euan Cochrane, EaaSI Principal Investigator We’re a year in to the program of work funded by the Andrew W. Mellon and Alfred P. Sloan foundations to scale access to emulation and software preservation infrastructure and significant progress has been made. I’m going to use my inaugural post […]

Hickory Dickory Docs: Crafting a Documentation Plan for EaaSI

Post written by: Ethan Gates, EaaSI Software Preservation Analyst Originally published: 02-18-2019 | Beta release update: 04-02-2019  As we roll through (and beyond!) the beta release, our documentation is expanding, just as we planned below. Drafting test cases and protocols for the nodes led to a swift expansion of the […]

Emulating the International Monetary Fund Government Finance Statistics CD-ROMs

Post written by: Michael Olson, Stanford University Libraries Contact: mgolson@stanford.edu Stanford University Libraries is thrilled to be participating in the Emulation-as-a-Service Infrastructure project (EaaSI). This is an effort to build a distributed network for sharing and preserving software led by Yale University Libraries with the generous support of the Andrew Mellon […]

EaaSI Update October – November 2019

Post written by: Seth Anderson, EaaSI Program Manager The Future of EaaSI October 3, 2020 marked the first time every member of the EaaSI team was gathered in the same place. Team members came to New Haven came from Germany, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin to present the achievements of the […]

EaaSI Update Nov 2018 – Jan 2019

Post written by: Seth Anderson, EaaSI Program Manager New EaaSI Website As you may have noticed – EaaSI now has an extensible program subsite within the redesigned SPN website. As an affiliated program of SPN, EaaSI (thanks to support from the Sloan and Mellon Foundations) provided financial support for the […]

EaaSI Update June – July 2019

Post written by: Seth Anderson, EaaSI Program Manager EaaSI Open Source Software Sandbox We were thrilled to release the EaaSI Open Source Software Sandbox on July 17!. The Sandbox is open to the public and includes sample emulation environments with open source operating systems and applications. We wanted to open […]

EaaSI Update February – March 2019

Post written by: Seth Anderson, EaaSI Program Manager EaaSI Beta Release During the months of February and March, the EaaSI Project Team put the finishing touches on the beta release of the EaaSI software. In February, team members conducted internal testing of the system. Tests focused on new features of […]