The Legal/Policy Working Group supports SPN’s goal to explore and document legal licensing and information policy specifics pertaining to the preservation and reuse of software in cultural heritage and research contexts. To date the Legal/Policy Working Group has established a voice in advocating for changing to U.S. Copyright protections through submission of additional comments on changes to Section 1201 of U.S. Copyright Law. Together with Harvard’s Cyberlaw Clinic we have researched the relevant case law and interviewed cultural heritage practitioners to outline concrete use cases for the preservation and reuse of software. During national public-awareness events, such as Fair Use Week, the Legal/Policy group designs and publishes resources that inform the public on the importance of software preservation as well as the facts on where fair use exemptions are best applied in this space. Policy at the institutional level as it pertains to day-forward enterprise software licensing and information security concerns is also a focus of this group. The Legal/Policy group is ultimately responsible for the design and implementation of a hybrid legal approach to software preservation that articulates addresses the distinct parameters/scenarios/use cases for fair use and licensing.

Zach Vowell, California Polytechnic State University